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Dairy Farmers of America and Vanguard Renewables Announce Strategic Alliance to Develop Anaerobic Digestion Systems for DFA Farmers

Two ABC members, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national farmer-owned dairy cooperative, and Vanguard Renewables, a Massachusetts-based renewable energy developer, announce a strategic partnership to help bring anaerobic digestion technology to more farms across the country. With the alliance, DFA and Vanguard Renewables will collaborate to develop resilient business models using anaerobic digestion systems. Working with farmers, government agencies, dairy processors and retailer customers, the partners will build business cases for innovative systems.

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Impact Bioenergy Sees Pickup in Demand for Portable Anaerobic Digesters
Seattle-based Impact Bioenergy is experiencing exponential growth in demand for its portable anaerobic digestion systems for hyperlocal transformation from wastes-to-resource. Notably two new systems are in production -- one for a corporate campus catering operation and one for a small farm that produces chicken, eggs, and pork. More>>

Walmart Launches Project Gigaton to Reduce Emissions in Company's Supply Chain
Walmart launched Project Gigaton today, committing the retailer to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from its operations (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) and supply chains (Scope 3 emissions, e.g., from manufacturing, materials and use of products). Walmart has identified energy, agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, and product use and design as the goal areas in which to target their Scope 3 climate goals. Participating suppliers are encouraged to focus their commitment in one or more of these goal areas. Among the Project Gigaton goals is to reduce GHG emissions by 2.7 million tons by eliminating peat based horticultural products and replacing them with manure-based digested solids. ABC member Magic Dirt, a line of 100% sustainable organic soil products, was invited to participate in the Bentonville summit. It is currently sold in close to 1,500 Walmart stores in 20 states. More>>

Big Ox Energy is Hiring
Twenty-three positions are currently available from RNG Clean up Technician to Director of Environmental Compliance & Testing. More>>

Impact Bioenergy producing two new anaerobic digestion systems
Seattle-based ABC member Impact Bioenergy has two new anaerobic digestion systems in production -- one for a corporate campus catering operation and one for a small farm that produces chicken, eggs and pork. "Domestic and international demand is unprecedented. With our 100-day lead time for delivery, we are now booking out to March 2018", says Jan Allen, CEO. More>>

Michigan State Turned 1250 Gallons Of Compromised Mayo Into Power
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you more than a thousand gallons of mayonnaise that's not fit for cafeteria use, make electricity? That's what you'd do if you're Michigan State University Culinary Services Sustainability Officer Cole Gude, anyway. More>>

ReFED releases interactive tools to track food waste regulations, innovations
The Food Waste Policy Finder is a separate interactive map that shows where state and local policies have been enacted related to organic waste disposal bans, date labeling, donation liability and other areas. This was created with the help of the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (HFLPC). More>>

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ABC Board of Directors Meeting
Monthly meeting of ABC's Board of Directors.Time change: 10 AM ET. More>>

Biogas, Food Waste Recycling, CHP and Wastewater Treatment in Philadelphia
In a half day workshop and digester tour with lunch, come learn how Philadelphia could merge their zero waste goal with existing wastewater infrastructure, food waste collection and recycling and biogas production. At the Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant w/ Biogas & CHP More>>

ABC Board of Directors Meeting
Monthly meeting of ABC's Board of Directors. More>>

Phosphorus Forum 2017
Join the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance for a forum addressing critical issues in phosphorus sustainability. Participants include scientists from dozens of research institutes, NGOs focused on water quality issues, nutrient recovery technology companies, fertlizer manufacturers, food producers, water utilities, farm consultants, government regulators, agricultural suppliers, phosphate mining companies, and others. More>>

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