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North Jersey utilities converting sewage into valuable energy source

ABC Member Natural Systems Utilitities, amongst other partners, is helping to turn sewage into biogas at the Ridgewood project. At the Bergen County Utilities Authority, the power produced with biogas has saved the agency more than $13 million in recent years, officials said. The Ridgewood sewage treatment plant, in Glen Rock, has two anaerobic digesters to handle the 3 million gallons of raw sewage generated by Ridgewood daily.

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Governor Cuomo Announces $160 Million Investment in Clean Energy for NY
Funding Available to Build and Expand Solar and Wind Farms, Hydropower Plants, Biogas, and Fuel Cells to Develop Reliable and Cost-Effective Energy For Consumers More>>

Public-Private Partnerships Enable Project Success
Public-private partnerships that conduct essential research, commercialize technology, and institutionalize new operating practices are vital to several economic sectors, including energy. There are numerous examples of early and ongoing public investment -- matched with private investment -- that have led to significant changes in the energy sector. Biobased projects, including biogas, need public-private partnerships to bring the potential resource to scale. More>>

All Roads Lead to North America: Biogas companies from around the world are pursuing opportunities in the U.S. and Canada.
This is a great article from Biomass Magazine, describing how North America has become a top destination for foreign and domestic investment for biogas projects. More>>

New Study Says We Should Nix Biodegradable Additives in Our Plastics
Plastics play a huge role in all of our lives. From our phones to our shampoo bottles, most of us consume and throw away over one billion pounds of plastics every year. However, in recent years additives in plastic have promised consumers that the product will be broken down and biodegrade naturally. Well, according to a new scientific study, this is simply not true. More>>

Biogas Production: Managing Risks to Reap Rewards
With interest in clean, renewable energy on the rise, the biogas market is poised for a period of strong growth in the coming years. According to a 2012 Pike Research report, global revenue is projected to double from $17.2 billion in 2011 to $33.1 billion by 2022. But as new production comes on line, owners and operators should take into consideration not just the opportunity, but the risks as well. More>>

City looks to turn more solids into biogas at Columbia plant
More of Portland's wastewater soon may be converted to compressed natural-gas vehicle fuel, which would reduce the use of diesel fuel and cut greenhouse gas emissions.This comes as the Portland City Council approved a contract for final design of a $10.9 million facility at the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Portland. More>>

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