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GTI Now the Exclusive Distributor of VSO Biogas Technologies' Gasholders
ABC Member Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) is proud to announce they are now the exclusive distributor of double-membrane gasholders, manufactured by VSO Biogas Technologies, in the United States and Canada. GTI’s cover experts can deliver, install, and commission these gasholders, and provide advice on how to maximize the use of biogas.

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Secretary Vilsack and USDA and New Mexico Officials Launch National Farmers Market Week
Secretary of USDA, Vilsack and New Mexico Officials launched the annual observance of National Farmers Market Week at the Santa Fe Farmers Market on August 1, 2015. At the observance, Vilsack recognized farmer markets as a benefit to local communities and high-lighted the 64% increase in customer traffic. Strengthening local food systems is one of the USDA's four pillars in strengthening rural economic development and job creation. More>>

Clean Power Plan release
The White House has released their Clean Power Plan. More>>

Wastewater biosolids are fertilizing sunflower for biodiesel in Raleigh pilot trial
Wastewater biosolids are used to fertilize sunflowers for biodiesel production. In the process, the watershed is protected from nitrogen rich runoff that can cause algae growth in its waterways. More>>

Arsynco property could house waste energy plant for 14 South Bergen towns
Arsynco brownfield site in New Jersey could be getting a waste-to-energy facility to handle the municipal waste of 14 different towns. The site proposes the use of hydrothermal decomposition to produce fuel of higher BTU's than coals. Project hopefuls boast its ironic contrast of using the brownfield land in an environmentally responsible manner to produce energy from waste. More>>

Later Deadline Expected in Obama's Climate Plan
President Obama's Climate Action plan expected to be out as early as this Monday, has an extended deadline for states to submit their plans and enact them. The state plan deadline will be extended to 2018 and the enactment date will be pushed back to 2022. Many worry this could make it difficult for the US to meet its 30% reduction in Greenhouse gases by 2030. More>>

Reproducible research for biofuels and biogas
GigaScience presents a virtual package of data for biogas production, made reusable in a containerized form to allow scientists to better understand the production of biofuels. The potential in biofuels comes largely from biogas as a clean and renewable resource. The research published has allowed a way to study the microbes that act to produce the methane of biogas from crop silage and cow manure. More>>

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ABC RNG Working Group Meeting
The RNG Working Group meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 2-3 PM ET. More>>

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting (Federal Activities)
Federal LRA Meetings are held every 2 weeks on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. (Every 4 weeks for state activities) More>>

ABC Board of Directors Meeting
Monthly meeting of the ABC Board of Directors @ 1-2:30 pm ET. More>>

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting (State Activities)
State LRA Meetings are held every 4 weeks on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET. (Every 2 weeks for federal activities) More>>

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