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Town of Yarmouth RFP to Lease Town Property for Development of an Organics Processing Facility

Executive Summary

The Town of Yarmouth, Massachusetts (Yarmouth, or the Town) hereby requests proposals to lease, with facility development rights, certain Town-owned land (the Lease Area) located within the Town property at 50 Workshop Road in Yarmouth (the Town Property). The Lease Area would be adjacent to the Town septage treatment facility (the Septage Treatment Facility, or STF) and a Town-owned regional rail transfer station (the RTS) for municipal solid waste, both of which are also located on Town Property.

The Town would grant the lease for the purposes of (a) developing a facility (the Proposed Facility) as an extension to the STF for on-site treatment or handling of residual sludge materials that are currently being transported to remote locations outside of the region for disposal; (b) providing long-term capacity to manage other organic wastes generated on Cape Cod, including biosolids and food waste, for which there are limited or no local disposal outlets; and (c) providing other environmental and financial benefits to the Town. This Request for Proposals (the RFP) is being issued pursuant to applicable state requirements for procurement of services and for disposition of excess property under Chapter 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws.

To provide the desired services, the Proposed Facility might utilize anaerobic digestion or composting technology, or other technologies or approaches for processing or handling organic materials. The Town encourages proposals that utilize creative approaches and innovative proven technologies.

It is anticipated that the Proposed Facility would accept STF residuals under a long-term arrangement with the Town. The Proposed Facility might also accept residuals from wastewater treatment facilities located on Cape Cod and elsewhere; fats, oil and grease (FOG); source-separated food waste; materials from the Town’s yard waste composting facility; and/or other source-separated organic solid wastes. An ideal arrangement would have the Town host, on the Lease Area, a privately-owned and operated facility that could process these feedstocks into energy and/or other products in accordance with applicable local and state policies and requirements for waste management and environmental impact mitigation. The Proposed Facility would be designed, financed, constructed, owned and operated by a private vendor with applicable experience and capabilities.

The Town Property offers developers a strategic location in an area where wastewater treatment facilities export residual materials due to lack of processing capacity within the region; and where food waste is generated with little existing capacity for processing. The Town Property is a developed site in a prime location with excellent road access from Exit 8 off U.S. Route 6, which is the main controlled-access highway across Cape Cod; existing rail service; electricity, natural gas and water supplies; and other services to support rapid, cost-effective facility development. The Town Property has compatible neighboring uses and a supportive host community with strong leadership.

In November 2017, the Town was awarded a grant of $400,000 in support of the project from the Sustainable Materials Recovery Program (SMRP) of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The grant proceeds will be used for capital improvements to the Town Property and the STF to accept wastewater from and interconnect with the Proposed Facility, as well as to support the Town’s costs to support and advance project development. The award both provides the Town with additional resources for its role as project sponsor and demonstrates the strong support for the project at the state level.

The Town will award the lease, development and materials management rights under this RFP to the RFP respondent(s) whose proposal(s) meets the RFP minimum requirements and is (are) deemed most advantageous (the Vendor). The site lease will provide for compensation to the Town through fixed and variable site lease payments; revenue-sharing or royalties on tip fee revenues; payments for certain services provided by the Town; cost reductions for services provided to the Town; property tax payments; and other benefits and cost reductions as set forth in the RFP and in the proposal. Selection of the most advantageous proposal will involve comparative judgments on a variety of criteria in addition to proposed prices and the level of overall compensation. The selected vendor will own the facility and will be responsible for development, design, engineering, procurement, permit acquisition, financing, construction, operations and maintenance, administration, and removal on termination, of the facility, all in accordance with applicable permit and site use requirements. The Town will retain ownership of the Lease Area and the Town Property.

Separately-sealed Non-Price and Price Proposals will be accepted until 2 p.m. on February 16, 2018, at the Town Hall, 1146 Route 28, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.  A briefing session regarding the RFP will be held at Town Hall at 1 pm on December 14, 2017, to be followed by tours of the Town Property and the Lease Area. Written questions on the RFP will be accepted until January 26, 2017.

Contacts to get the RFP
The RFP may be obtained from the Town by sending an email request containing contact information for the company making the request either to the Town Municipal Operations Director, Shawn MacInnes, by email at, or to the Town Finance Director, Ed Senteio, by email at  The Town will reply to the request by sending an email containing a link to the website that contains the RFP text, attachments and appendixes, and by logging the email address and other contact information for the company making the request in a list of RFP recipients. All addenda to the RFP, and notices of changes in deadlines and other administrative details, will be sent to each contact on the list of RFP recipients.


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