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Advanced Phosphorus Recovery System Introduced by DVO

ABC Member, DVO, Inc., a leader in the environmental engineering industry and North America’s largest provider of anaerobic digesters, has introduced a simple and practical solution that removes 75 to 95 percent of phosphorus from anaerobically-digested wastes. DVO has successfully commissioned this system for a large dairy farm in the Northwest. A commercial mixed-waste anaerobic digestion facility in Indiana, as well as a dedicated poultry litter digester in Ohio also have installed this system at full-scale.

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Waste-to-Energy Facility Cuts Emissions 53% with Covanta Technology Read more:
Covanta technologies has helped Metro Vancouver reduce its waste-to-energy facility's emissions by 53%. Covanta retrofitted the waste-to-energy facility with its new technology aimed to reduce emissions. Covanta's expertise in helping to lower emissions of these facilities is extremely important because many of these facilities are faced with some of the strictest emission restrictions. More>>

Viaspace Conducting Engineering Plan For Giant King® Grass Biogas Power Plant In Papua New Guinea
Viaspace and Clean Energy Solutions Pacific have teamed up to bring biogas to Papua New Guinea. The biogas plant will produce biogas electricity entirely from anaerobic digestion of Giant King Grass feedstock. The new plant will provide electricity for rural areas of Papua New Guinea and help the island to be energy dependent from fossil fuels. The Giant King Grass plantation will also help to provide jobs for locals of Papua New Guinea. More>>

Covanta Upgrading Waste-to-Energy Unit in New York
In Onondaga county, New York their waste-to-energy plant is getting upgraded by Covanta Holding Corp. The facility uses the money earned from the electricity produced and metal recycled to funding recycling programs within the area. This process has allowed them to increase their recycling rate to double that of the national average. More>>

California based company, Capstone Turbine Corporation, plans to upgrade solid waste treatment facility in Tampere, Finland. The upgrade comes in the form of Capstone Turbine's world leading C1000 microturbines, which will be powered by the landfill biogas produced on site. The microturbines will be installed in tandem with CHP. This facility choose to use Capstone Turbine's "green waste" technology because of the low emissions, low maintenance, modular design, and easy use. This project is one among many helping Finland to meet its goal of 38% renewable energy sources by 2020. More>>

New Jersey Wastewater Treatment Plant Adds Biogas Conditioning System
Patented system from Clean Methane Systems will allow the utility to use its biogas for power. Faced with mounting fuel costs, New Jersey's Hanover Township Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has decided to use the biogas they were previously flaring to power a 100 kilowatt engine. Prior to injecting the flare gas into the generator, Hanover will condition the biogas to extend the life of the engine and avoid costly down time. Clean Methane Systems (CMS), based in Tualatin, Oregon, was selected to provide the company's patented conditioning technology. More>>

BioEnergy Hawaii, Ulupono Initiative partner on bioenergy project
BioEnergy Hawaii LLC is teaming up with Ulupono Initiative to build a resource recovery facility for the west side of Hawaii. The facility will divert about 70% municipal solid wastes from local landfills. The facility will anaerobically digest wet organic waste to produce biogas and fertilizer. Construction is expected the summer of 2016. More>>

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