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ABC Member D.C. Water begins harnessing electricity from every flush

ABC Member District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority or D.C. Water for short, which also treats sewage from much of the Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs, recently became the first utility in North America to use a Norwegian thermal hydrolysis system to convert the sludge left over from treated sewage into electricity.

Yes, to put it bluntly, the city’s sewage treatment plant is turning poop into power.

In addition to DC Water, ABC members Cambi, HDR and CDM Smith are involved in this project.

(Photo Caption: The $470 million “Class A” Biosolids and Energy Facilities section at D.C. Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post))

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California Adopts Four Laws to Develop Recycling, Composting, Waste Reduction
California has adopted four new laws addressing organics, recycling and waste diversion. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law bills that called for addressing organic waste by developing compost and anaerobic digestion; providing a tax exemption on recycling equipment; and a ban on products containing plastic microbeads that can be rinsed down the drain, according to news releases from the Sacramento-based environmental group, Californians Against Waste. More>>

Blue Sphere To Start Biogas Commercial Operations
Commercial operation dates have been set for ABC Member Blue Sphere's first two biogas development projects in the U.S. Construction progress is on-schedule for a 5.2 megawatt biogas power plant near Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility is scheduled to be connected to the local electrical grid on October 27, 2015. Likewise construction is on-schedule for a 3.2 megawatt biogas power plant in Johnston, Rhode Island. The Johnston plant is on the calendar for connection to the local power grid the third week in December 2015. Both plants deploy anaerobic digestion equipment to convert food waste to energy to heat steam-powered turbines and electrical generators. More>>

Fair Oaks Farm Owner Praises Indiana for Logistics
One of the biggest problems for a large dairy farm can be manure and the odor, flies and nutrient runoff, Mike said. Fair Oaks' solution was to invest in bio-digesters that would produce methane to run engines for turbines that would generate electricity. All of the buildings on the farm run on this electricity. However, the monetary return was barely breakeven and there was biogas left over.Mike said that these facts forced the company to be innovative. First, technology had to be improved so the methane could be purified to become 99 percent methane or bio methane and similar to natural gas. The company had to go to New Zealand for the solution. Next, their nine-liter engines for the milk trucks needed to be redesigned to run on this fuel. This process involved Kenworth, Cummins and 34 other related manufacturers. Mike said all of the parties worked together until the nine-liter engine became a 12-liter engine in 18 months. In a recent cost analysis, these trucks with the new biogas-powered engines are outperforming the farm's diesel trucks, he added. More>>

GE introduces ZeeLung MABR technology at WEFTEC 2015
According to GE, the energy used by water and wastewater treatment plants in the United States accounts for 35% of a typical local government's energy budget. Aeration for biological treatment is the largest energy consumer in a wastewater treatment plant, typically representing 60% of a facility's power usage. GE developed the ZeeLung technology to enable wastewater treatment plants to achieve energy neutrality by significantly reducing the energy demand of the largest consumer in a treatment plant – biological process aeration. Coupling this energy reduction with enhanced on-site energy production from advanced anaerobic digestion can achieve energy neutral wastewater facilities – where the energy produced equals or exceeds the energy consumed. More>>

Achievement Recognises City for Waste-to-Fuel Initiative
The City Council for Grand Junction, Colorado, is the recipient of the prestigious 2015 NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) Achievement Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of natural gas as a vehicle fuel. The City received the award late last month during the NGVAmerica conference in Denver. More>>

D.C. Water begins harnessing electricity from every flush
The next time you flush in the nation's capital, you might consider this: You -- or, more precisely, whatever you have flushed -- will help generate clean energy. ABC member D.C. Water, which also treats sewage from much of the Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs, recently became the first utility in North America to use a Norwegian thermal hydrolysis system to convert the sludge left over from treated sewage into electricity. Yes, to put it bluntly, the city's sewage treatment plant is turning poop into power. More>>

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10/19/2015 - 10/22/2015
BioCycle REFOR15, Official Conference of the American Biogas Council
Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling. By the time October 2015 comes around it will have been been 18 months since the last American Biogas Council's last annual conference. And like years past, we're working with the BioCycle team to help put on a top notch event that will be the main focus for the ABC in 2015. Plan now to make sure you're there! More>>

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