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Democrats' House takeover spurs hope for farm bill this year
Major farm groups made fresh calls this week for lawmakers to finish the job this year. Paul Bleiberg, vice president of government relations for the National Milk Producers Federation, an ABC member, said the tone from all the key players and everything else he's hearing is that "they're pretty intent on getting it done by the end of the year. ... I don't think anyone wants it to linger in the coming year." The prevailing attitude on Capitol Hill and among farm groups, Bleiberg said, is: "You've gotten this far. Who wants to hit the reset button now?" More>>

City of Gresham: Upgrading a Wastewater Treatment Plant to be Energy Net Zero
Through thoughtful planning and follow-through, the City of Gresham, Oregon, an ABC member and Project of the Year Award recipient, was the first city in the Pacific Northwest to operate an Energy Net Zero Waste Water Treatment Plant. This plant generates enough energy on site to meet its demand for electricity to run the plant. In fact, it often generates more energy than it needs. The City of Gresham's Business Sustainability Coordinator, Gregg Hayward, interviewed Alan Johnston, Senior Engineer and driving force behind the journey to Net Zero, in August 2018. More>>

A Bill Past Due: Unfinished 2018 Farm Bill Leaves Uncertainty
With the 2018 Farm Bill more than a month late, analysts are watching to see whether the bill will pass this year or go into 2019. The mammoth legislation that covers a number of agricultural and rural programs did not pass by the September 30th deadline, leaving major programs such as crop insurance and food stamps to continue under the policies of the 2014 Farm Bill. Other programs are in limbo. More>>

FDA Approves Drug to Make Cow Manure Less Stinky
No bull, the Food and Drug Administration approved a drug on Tuesday that aims to make cattle manure just a little less aromatic, NBC News reported. The drug, called Experior, is designed to reduce the amount of ammonia released by cattle dung when the animals are in feedlots being fattened for slaughter. More>>

Dairy Digester Benefits Calculator Tool
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is accepting public comments on its Draft Dairy Digester Research and Development Program (DDRDP) Benefits Calculator Tool and supporting Draft DDRDP Quantification Methodology until November 16, 2018. The calculator was developed to estimate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and selected co-benefits of each proposed project type for the DDRDP. More>>

Vanguard Renewables Named 2018 Organics Recycler of the Year
Vanguard Renewables, an ABC member, was named 2018 Organics Recycler of the Year by the National Waste & Recycling Association. The award recognizes the substantial contribution that Vanguard's Farm Powered organics recycling and renewable energy production program is making to protect the environment and advance the waste and recycling industry. Vanguard is based in Wellesley, Mass. More>>

Biogas Jobs: Two positions open with Puregas Solutions
Interested in Careers in Biogas Upgrading Solutions, CNG, Renewable Natural Gas, AD, Biomethane, Biogas Upgrading Technology, Biogas Upgrading Plant, Careers. Anaerobic Digestion? ABC member Puregas Solutions has the following positions open in the US: Supply Chain Manager North America and Project Engineer North America More>>

Recent news from Trident Processes LLC
Check out the November newsletter from ABC member Trident Processes covering: Welcome to Dairy West 2018 on Nov 7-8; Trident partners with First Call Dairy Service in Idaho; Bedding Recovery in Newtrient Catalog; Videos: Nutrient Recovery on Dairy Farms. More>>

Windy Ridge Dairy using Trident Processes in nutrient recovery system
Windy Ridge Dairy will include nutrient recovery as part of their overall sustainability program. Trident Processes LLC is proud to be a part of Steve Bos's group project by providing a state of the art system to extract and concentrate nutrients from the dairy manure post digester. The nutrient cake created is destined for use in several downstream value adding processes. More>>

Trident expands rep network for sludge dewatering solutions
Trident continues to expand its network of manufactures reps across the United States. Over the past few weeks a number of high profile rep firms have been brought on board to help grow Trident's market share in the sludge dewatering sector. At Weftec 2018 in New Orleans, Trident and Coombs Hopkins have formally agreed to a partnership that will allow the wastewater sales experts to represent Trident's line of sludge dewatering and wastewater equipment in four west coast states. More>>

28.84 million cellulosic RINs generated in September
The U.S. EPA has released renewable identification number (RIN) generation data for September, reporting that 1.58 billion RINs were generated during the month, including 28.84 million cellulosic RINs. [With 288 million cellulosic RINs forecasted for 2018, September production was ahead of pace by about 20%.] More>>

DMT with AMP Americas win "Innovation of the Year" at the ABC Biogas Industry Awards
The AMP Americas project with DMT was bestowed the distinction of the ABC 2018 Innovation of the Year Award for combining two technologies for biogas upgrading, which work well independently, to create an order of magnitude improvement in overall efficiency and cost. AMP Americas is well known for using the best available technology on the market to make their projects successful," said DMT Clear Gas Solutions' CEO, Robert Lems. "We are glad to be their technology provider for the RDF project in Jasper county and are happy that the project is recognized for its maximum efficiency and cost savings." More>>

EPA attempts to stall court action over enforcement of landfill emissions rule
Last week, the U.S. EPA urged a federal district court judge in California hold off on deciding whether to hear or abandon claims that the agency is violating the Clean Air Act by not imposing landfill emissions regulations established by the Obama administration, Law360 reported. A coalition of states -- including Pennsylvania, California and Illinois -- say the EPA's decision not to enforce the emissions guidelines rule, and an initial May 2017 deadline for state compliance plans, is causing environmental harm. More>>

How one company's sustainability goal is poised to change an entire industry
[Environmental defense Fund blog] Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer, has committed to a major increase in manure-to-energy projects. The company will invest in infrastructure and provide farmer incentives to install manure lagoon covers and digesters on 90 percent of its total hog finishing capacity, a standardized measurement that excludes sow and nursery farms, in North Carolina, Missouri and Utah over the next ten years. More>>

Salem sewage plant getting $3 million to update cogeneration facility
Salem is poised to receive $3 million from the Energy Trust of Oregon to help finance a cogeneration plant at the Willow Lake Water Pollution Control Facility...The operation at the water treatment plant in Keizer will use methane and other gases created by the treatment process to spin a generator that will power much of the facility, instead of burning gases off in a flare stack, which releases pollutants into the air. More>>

Welcome New Member: Sevana BioEnergy LLC
Sevana Bioenergy is developing multiple biogas projects in agricultural regions of North America. With an experienced team of national and international experts, we build value-add partnerships in agricultural communities by creating new markets for existing agricultural businesses, reducing waste, increasing the use of renewable energy and reducing long-term greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to ensure that communities benefit and thrive through these partnerships while building renewable solutions to local waste and energy challenges. More>>

Consolidation in the biogas industry: Nature Energy acquires Xergi
Two of Denmark's leading biogas companies combine their competences through Schouw & Co. and Hedeselskabet's divestment of ABC member Xergi to Nature Energy, thus creating one strong Danish company that will construct, own and operate biogas plants in Denmark and abroad. More>>

Smithfield hog biogas ambitions 'a big step forward' on climate action
When Smithfield Foods announced a plan last week to cover and capture gas from thousands of its hog manure pits, most news reports linked it to mounting lawsuits from neighbors fed up with odor and other nuisances caused by the company's factory-scale farms...In North Carolina alone, Smithfield's plan could reach nearly 1,000 swine farms, doubling the number of manure-to-energy projects nationwide and drastically curbing methane, the greenhouse gas many times more powerful the carbon dioxide. More>>

IPCC report shows the need for biogas is greater than ever
Check out the new blog from ABC member World Biogas Association on ⁦‪the report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and how biogas can help to bring down greenhouse gas emissions now. More>>

The Danish Gas Grid Could be Filled with Green Gas in 2035
According to a memorandum published by Green Gas Denmark on the 14th of November, Denmark's gas grid could be running entirely on green gas in 2035. Thus, Denmark could be the first European country to become independent of natural gas and cover their consumption entirely through gas produced from food waste, industrial waste and agricultural by-products. More>>

OMB reviews final rule to set 2019 RVOs under the RFS
On Oct. 30, the U.S. EPA delivered its final rule to set 2019 renewable volume obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard, along with the 2020 RVO for biomass-based diesel, to the White House Office of Management and Budget. OMB review marks a final step before the final rule is published. More>>

BioCycle WEST COAST19 Accepting abstracts now
Abstracts are now being accepted for BioCycle WEST COAST19 Conference, April 1, 2, 3, 4, 2019, in Portland, Oregon. The theme of BioCycle WEST COAST19 is Catalyzing Organics Recycling. Topics to be covered: Infrastructure Development; Compost and Biogas Markets; Food Recovery; Contamination Management; Composting Science; Behavior Change. We are pleased to be in Oregon in 2019 where compost manufacturing, anaerobic digestion and food recovery are ranked high on the list of greenhouse gas reduction strategies. More>>

Renewable Fuel Credits Sparking Growth in Livestock Digesters
OMAHA (DTN) -- Methane digesters are the new growth wave in renewable energy for agriculture. The stick and the carrot are both at work here. As livestock operations work on ways to manage manure, the changing landscape of environmental regulations and legal challenges -- along with state and federal grants and energy credits -- are combining to start an uptick in methane digesters to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). More>>

We can solve North Carolina's manure challenges. Here's how.
Hurricane Florence caused more than $1.1 billion in agricultural losses, according to the latest estimates from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Row crop losses total nearly $990 million. Livestock, poultry and aquaculture damages total $23 million, and include the deaths of 4.1 million chickens and 5,500 hogs. More>>

Smithfield Foods Announces Landmark Investment to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Smithfield Foods, Inc. is pleased to announce, through the nationwide expansion of Smithfield Renewables, innovative projects designed to help meet its goal to reduce the company's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25 percent by 2025, which it set in concert with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). This month marks the one-year anniversary of Smithfield Renewables. As part of the expansion of Smithfield Renewables, Smithfield is: Setting the ambitious goal to implement "manure-to-energy" projects across 90 percent of Smithfield's hog finishing spaces in North Carolina and Utah, and nearly all Smithfield's hog finishing spaces in Missouri over the next ten years. More>>

Dining puts focus on reducing daily food waste
In addition to the data collection and display screens, The USF Campus Food Waste Recovery Project will partner with Aramark, USF's food-service provider, to recover the food wasted in each dining hall to create new renewable energy sources by anaerobic digestion. According to the American Biogas Council, More>>

Xylem Opens St. Louis Branch; Microvi Demo Shows Nitrogen-Removal Results
Xylem, an ABC member, will open a new branch for water management solutions and applications in St. Louis, Missouri. Also, Microvi MNE combines Microvi Biotech Inc. technology with process equipment from ABC member WesTech Engineering Inc. for a cost-effective approach to biological treatment. Click for More>>

Biogas plant planned for Robeson County (NC)
GESS International, an ABC member, has announced plans to build a $35 million biogas plant on 15 acres in the Robeson County town of Orrum. A globally established renewable energy service company, GESS expects to begin construction before the end of the year, a news release said. Estimated completion date is the first quarter of 2020. Upon completion, GESS estimates that the plant will employ up to 16 people. Those hires would include about 10 employees in operations and maintenance positions, with an average salary of $56,000, and the rest in management and engineering. The average salary would be $59,000 for those employees. More>>

From 200 To 22: Dairy Farms Disappearing In This NC County
Back in the 1970s, officials say there were more than 200 dairy farms in Iredell County. Today there are 22 farms. County commissioner Jeff McNeely wants the state's department of agriculture to help market milk. More>>

How (Almost) Everyone Came To Love Low Carbon Fuels In California
Automakers and energy utilities now embrace California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and even oil companies accept it. Sometimes the best policies must overcome early struggles. A great example is the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), ordered by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 in support of California's Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. More>>

OMB releases estimated timelines for EPA's E15 rule, 2 RFS rules
The Trump Administration has released estimated timelines for the development of three U.S. EPA rulemakings that pertain to the Renewable Fuel Standard and year-round E15 sales, including one that includes a “reset” of statutory blending targets. More>>

Regulators' approval clears way for construction of NC biogas plant
N.C. regulators have approved Piedmont Natural Gas' agreement to allow ABC member Optima BioEnergy to connect a proposed swine-waste biogas plant in the town of Tar Heel. The approval issued Monday by the N.C. Utilities Commission clears the way for Wilmington-based Optima to start construction on its second biogas plant in eastern North Carolina. Duke Energy Corp., which owns Piedmont, intends to buy the gas from the OptimaTH natural gas plants at both its utilities in the Carolinas. "We are now funding (the project) and plan is to start construction in early November," says Mark Maloney, CEO of Optima BioEnergy. "Construction should be a year so goal is start injecting (gas into Piedmont's System) by January 2020 at latest." More>>

CGA Receives Broad Support for its Renewable Gas Funding Proposal to the Federal Government
The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) has received broad support from stakeholders encouraging the Government of Canada to endorse CGA's federal policy proposal for a Renewable Gas Innovation Program. The proposal seeks a Federal Budget 2019 allocation of $750 million to support renewable gas project deployment, to facilitate technology commercialization, and to enhance federal laboratory renewable gas R&D capacity. More>>

ABC announces 2018 Biogas Industry Award winners
Tuesday, at its annual conference, the American Biogas Council announced the winners of the Biogas Industry Awards, presented at a sold out dinner celebration at BIOCYCLE REFOR18. Thirty-three awards were presented to exceptional technology innovations and biogas projects across the industry in the agricultural, municipal and merchant sectors. More>>

Organics now generating more revenue than recycling for Casella
Casella Waste Systems reported a 4.3% increase in solid waste pricing in the second quarter, raised revenue guidance for 2018 and is even exceeding free cash flow targets for its 2021 plan. Like the rest of its publicly traded counterparts, Casella expects recycling to stabilize next year. In the meantime, this shift is proving to be quite costly. More>>

American Biogas Council Announces 2018 Biogas Industry Award Winners
Tuesday, at its annual conference, the American Biogas Council announced the winners of the Biogas Industry Awards, presented at a sold out dinner celebration at BIOCYCLE REFOR18. Thirty-three awards were presented to exceptional technology innovations and biogas projects across the industry in the agricultural, municipal and merchant sectors. More>>

Welcome New Member: Live Oak Bank!
Live Oak offers debt financing for bioenergy, biofuel and bioproduct projects. The bank lends exclusively to small businesses nationwide, lending nearly two billion dollars since inception. More>>

Welcome New Member: BCCY Environmental Energy Co.!
BCCY Environmental Engineering's main business covers landfill biogas power generation, carbon emissions trading, ecological restoration and other renewable energy development and utilization of landfill site. We can meet customer needs in solid waste treatment, resource recovery and environmental management. We own more than 40 developed emission reduction projects such as CDM project, gold VER project and CCER project. More>>

Amp Americas opens country's largest dairy renewable natural gas project
Jasper County site will convert 945 tons of manure per day generated from 16,000 head of milking cows into 100% renewable transportation fuel...Executive Andy Dvoracek from ABC member Camco Clean Energy Joins ABC member Amp Americas as VP Business Development. More>>

MN county commissioners expected to consider a new organics ordinance
[Video report] The Minnesota Hennepin County Board of Commissioners is expected to consider a new ordinance by the end of the year to require businesses to recycle organic waste. More>>

Welcome New Member: WorleyParsons!
WorleyParsons is a global EPCM firm with a broad background of experience in energy and minerals.We provide our customers with a wide range of consulting and advisory services, and deep technical expertise across multiple projects. Our integrated offerings cover full asset management services and engineering, procurement and construction capability. We deliver these outcomes through our four business lines: Advisian, Major Projects, Integrated Solutions and Services. More>>

AD Owners/Operators: Please answer this survey for UMD
You are invited to participate in a research study about anaerobic digestion adoption in the US. The purpose of the research is to better understand financial and policy barriers to anaerobic digestion implementation in the US. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. More>>

Bio gas systems offer a fix to hog waste problems
[Op-Ed by ABC member Duke University] The vulnerability of hog lagoons is not news. In Hurricane Floyd, six lagoons were damaged and 55 others flooded. We spent $1.5 billion cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew. Now we will have to spend billions more, some of which could have been avoided. Let's heed Florence's message by using limited cleanup dollars proactively to prepare farmers for future emergencies with a solution that benefits everyone now. More>>

As New Jersey rethinks food waste policy, role of landfills a key question
Between an overdue reduction plan and a unique proposed diversion mandate, the state is on a different path than many of its Northeast neighbors. [This is the most comprehensive summary of the attempts to develop an organics recycling policy in NJ we've seen.] More>>

Benson, MN working with renewable energy firm to purchase former Fibrominn facility
City officials in Benson, Minnesota will be learning soon how much of the former Benson Power biomass facility will be dismantled and removed, but they are hoping that a large portion remains. ABC member Brightmark Energy is working with the city of Benson in hopes of converting the site to a refinery to make biogas using animal waste and possibly other organic material as the raw material, according to Rob Wolfington, Benson city manager. The company would supply the biogas to either of two, large-capacity pipelines that are in close proximity to the plant. More>>

GESS International Caps String of Biogas Announcements in NC with Lead Sponsorship of Renewable Energy Conference
Having announced plans for seven biogas and other renewable energy projects throughout North Carolina, ABC member GESS International is the lead sponsor of 2018's BioCycle conference in Raleigh, Oct. 15-18. The event brings together business people and thought leaders from around the country working to advance the economic and environmental benefits of bioenergy. More>>

Green Energy Sustainable Solutions commits to 4th biogas plant in eastern NC
Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, which established its corporate headquarters earlier this year in Raleigh, is moving ahead with plans to build a fourth biogas plant in eastern North Carolina. Also known as GESS International, the company said earlier this week a $35 million plant would be constructed in Robeson County. The facility will create more than 30 jobs, it says. More>>

Ohio waste authority adopts 'collaborative initiative' to tackle food waste
The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) announced on Oct. 9 the launch of its Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative, a program that intends to bring together business leaders and other stakeholders to develop an action plan for reducing and diverting food waste. More>>

2018 Energy Vision Awards Honor Leading Adopters and Advocates of Renewable Natural Gas
At its awards reception in Manhattan this week, the NGO and ABC member Energy Vision honored business and government leaders and advocates who are speeding adoption of renewable natural gas (RNG) made from organic waste. RNG is the lowest–carbon fuel available, and net carbon-negative as a transportation fuel. More>>

Minnesota Utility Proposes Biogas Pilot Program
CenterPoint Energy of Minnesota filed a request with the Minnesota Public Utility Commission for a new pilot program in which its natural gas customers could purchase renewable natural gas, also known as biogas, as fuel for home heating and cooking... If approved, the pilot program CenterPoint requested on August 23 could begin as early as the spring of 2019 and would make the utility one of the first in the country to offer its customers the option of purchasing renewable natural gas for a higher rate, or "green tariff," than traditional natural gas...Although the program would help the utility meet Minnesota's renewable energy mandate, the company's decision to incorporate RNG into its energy mix was not driven by that mandate but is in response to customer demand, particularly requests from Millennials. More>>

Anaerobic Digest from BioCycle Magazine's October Issue
Montpelier, Vermont: Phosphorus Innovation Challenge Awards; Boston, Massachusetts: Permitted Food Waste Digestion Capacity; Salem, Oregon: Biogas And Renewable Natural Gas Inventory; Los Angeles, California: RNG Role In Clean Air Goals More>>

PAYT Paves Way To Zero Waste
[BioCycle Magazine] Pay As You Throw (PAYT), a proven global waste metering system, is the vital first step to reaching Zero Waste. PAYT, or unit-based pricing, is the single most effective way to educate and motivate residents to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. After all, what is the difference between unit-based pricing for electricity, water and/or natural gas in our households and doing the same for garbage? More>>

GESS International Caps String of Biogas Announcements in NC with Lead Sponsorship of Renewable Energy Conference, Oct. 15-18
Having announced plans for seven biogas and other renewable energy projects throughout North Carolina, GESS International is a lead sponsor of 2018's BioCycle conference in Raleigh, Oct. 15-18. The event brings together business people and thought leaders from around the country working to advance the economic and environmental benefits of bioenergy. With their contributions to biogas utilization expanding across four other states -- Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and Colorado -- GESS is poised to be a leading presence at the conference.In 2007, North Carolina required utility companies to draw 0.2 percent of their power from swine biogas as part of the state's push towards a clean energy initiative. As we move closer to the BioCycle Conference, GESS is focused on the future of renewable energy, and with support from the American Biogas Council, Biogas, and Capstone Turbine, GESS International is working towards helping the state fulfill the energy initiative. More>>

Clean Energy And BP To Expand Renewable Natural Gas Supply Agreement
BP and Clean Energy Fuels Corp today announced an agreement which will secure an increased supply of renewable natural gas (RNG) for Clean Energy through Clean Energy's extensive fueling infrastructure as more fleets are requesting the clean fuel. The agreement enables BP to flow larger volumes to Clean Energy stations as the supply of RNG is expected to rapidly grow over the next several years with a number of new RNG production facilities under construction and more announced. More>>

Regenis' Projects Finalists For Biogas Industry Awards
Ferndale, WA--Two Whatcom County dairy digester projects built by agricultural waste solutions company, Regenis, have been nominated as finalists for the American Biogas Council's Project of the Year Awards, which will be handed out at a ceremony on October 16th in Raleigh, North Carolina...Regenis installed the FPE digester at the Vander Haak Dairy in 2004. It was the first dairy digester in Washington State and has had a historic 13-year runtime until this past year when upgrades to its roof were completed...The Edaleen mixed plug-flow digester was installed in 2012 and also has a 100 percent runtime. More>>

Welcome New Member: Womble Bond Dickinson!
Womble Bond Dickinson is a transatlantic law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers based in 26 UK and US office locations. The firm provides core legal services including: Commercial, Corporate, Employment, Pensions, Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Finance, Banking, Restructuring, Insolvency, IP, Technology and Data, Private Wealth, Projects, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate and Regulatory Law. The firm has a particular focus in Energy & Natural Resources. More>>

Looking for an experienced Professional Engineer (PE)--Biogas & Anaerobic Digestion in Warrenton, VA
ABC member ITility is looking for a Professional Engineer with experience in design and development of anaerobic digesters. The Principal Engineer will occupy a unique role as the ITility's Renewable Energy team keeps growing. The PE will have the creative freedom to develop innovative technologies that promote sustainable organic waste management and harness biomethane energy potential. More>>

Waste Company is First to Inject Biogas into California Pipeline
Waste management company and ABC member CR&R Environmental has launched the first commercial-scale California operation to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) for injection into that state's pipeline. And there are other "firsts" associated with the $55 million project. More>>

Using the food wasted in New York City
Some of the collected food waste is sent to the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn. At this treatment plant, the food is combined with traditional sludge from the wastewater treatment process in order to be digested and to create methane. About 40 percent of the methane produced is used to run the plant, and the remaining methane produced is currently being burned off. However, Newtown Creek Plant is partnering with National Grid in order to process the extra methane into biogas that can be used in pipelines for both businesses and residents. The plant processes about 250 tons of food waste a day but has the capacity to process 500 tons per day. More>>

2018 Biogas Project of the Year Finalists Unveiled
Today, the American Biogas Council announced the 2018 finalists for the biogas industry's Project of the Year Awards. These finalists each offer a unique example of how innovative approaches, technologies, or partnerships with biogas systems can create new investments and jobs while protecting our air, water and soil and producing renewable energy and soil products. Winners will be announced at the ABC Biogas Industry Awards & Dinner Tuesday, October 16 at BioCycle REFOR18 in Raleigh, NC. A few tickets are still available. More>>

After delays, Rhode Island's first anaerobic digester set to open [in a few months]
Once operational, the facility will have capacity to process up to 249 tons of organics each day. The biogas generated from the digester will produce 3.2 MW of electrical output. Orbit Energy Rhode Island, which is co-owned by ABC member Blue Sphere and Entropy Investment Management, runs the project. Both are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. More>>

Synergy Biogas Welcomes the Public to Tour Facility
Covington, NY--ABC member Synergy Biogas opened its doors and welcomed the Wyoming County community to its anaerobic digestion plant on Saturday, September 29th. Tours of the facility were given by staff members and students from RIT were on hand to present the research work pertaining to anaerobic digestion. More>>

Toter expands organics line
Toter announced that it has introduced two new products to its full line of organics carts, containers and bins: a 32-gallon organics caster cart and a 32-gallon organics two-wheel cart with rotationally molded lids for commercial use. These products were designed specifically to withstand the added burden of collecting heavy, wet organic waste, while being designed to fit in tight spaces. More>>

Closure of burner could send Twin Cities trash back to the dump
Great River Energy says it will close its Elk River waste-to-energy operation if no one steps forward to buy it by this fall. The two likeliest bidders -- Minnesota's Anoka County and Hennepin County -- aren't interested. If the incinerator and metal recovery facility close, more than 250,000 tons of extra trash will likely head instead to the region's landfills. More>>

Inside WM's new $30M RNG facility
In 2014, the company commissioned its first "pipeline-quality" renewable natural gas (RNG) facility at its Milam Landfill in East St. Louis, Illinois. Then, in June, the company made news with the opening of its $30 million Outer Loop Recycling and Disposal Facility in Louisville, Kentucky, where methane produced by its Outer Loop Landfill is converted into pipeline-quality RNG. More>>

NMPF Announces Staff Changes to Help Reinforce Organization's Reach and Impact
The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), an ABC member, today announced several staff changes that will strengthen and expand NMPF's services to its members and the nation's dairy producer community. Chris Galen, NMPF's long-time head of communications, is assuming a new role as Senior Vice President of Member Services and Strategic Initiatives...Alan Bjerga, formerly a journalist with Bloomberg, joins NMPF as its new Senior Vice President of Communications...Mulhern also announced that Jaime Castaneda, NMPF's long-time head of strategic initiatives and trade policy, will become Senior Vice President of Policy Strategy and International Trade...In addition, Nicole Ayache has joined National Milk as Director of Sustainability Initiatives. More>>

Cows To Cars? It's Happening
Creating a highway humming with hydrogen cars has been a dream of scientists, policymakers and environmentalists for decades. Today, thanks to the dairy cow, we are closer than ever to making it a reality. [By ABC member, Craig Frear, Regenis] More>>

Con Edison Proposing New 'Smart' Solutions for Gas Reliability, Environmental Benefits
Con Edison is proposing to invest in renewable natural gas and offer new incentives for customers who upgrade their heating equipment or install heat pumps to reduce natural gas usage. The company's proposal comes at a time when the need for natural gas has grown rapidly in New York City and Westchester County. More>>

Cow Power - The Film
Can digesters can make sense for SMALLER dairies? An innovative "opt-in" program in Vermont paved the way for over a dozen digesters at farms that milk less than 800 cows... [Video, sponsored by DVO. 55:24] More>>

Letter urges EPA to process eRIN applications
The owner of a biomass power facility in California is asking the U.S. EPA to process applications from biomass power producers who want to participate in the Renewable Fuel Standard program..."Our plant is the only facility in the region, other than out-of-state landfills, that is able to receive high fire-risk biomass," More>>

Oregon could produce one-fifth of its natural gas with renewable green energy
State Department of Energy issues report charting the potential for developing the industry here. Oregon could meet as much as one-fifth of its current natural gas needs with locally produced renewable natural gas, according to a new report by the Oregon Department of Energy. More>>

Farm bill negotiators eye lame duck for deal
The four lead farm bill negotiators failed to reach a deal in time to avert Sunday's expiration of the 2014 law, but they emerged Wednesday from their first face-to-face meeting in nearly two weeks to say they are committed to finalizing an agreement that Congress can consider following the mid-term elections. More>>

What's next for the farm bill?
It's now clear that Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway will not be able to live up to their promises to pass a new farm bill before the 2014 law expires Sunday. That might be considered a failure of Republican leadership, but Congress has failed so often to pass a five-year bill on time that it's no big deal. The major farm and nutrition programs will still function, at least until December, although some smaller programs will lose their authorization Sunday. More>>

Moving The Biogas Needle In North Carolina
BioCycle Editor Nora Goldstein took the pulse of the anaerobic digestion and biogas sectors in North Carolina ahead of BioCycle REFOR18. Could North Carolina serve as a national model for how to catalyze the biogas economy? More>>

Organic Waste Bans And Recycling Laws To Tackle Food Waste
The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC), with support from the Center for EcoTechnology (CET), conducted an analysis of existing and proposed organic waste bans, studying the policies themselves as well as the experiences of states and localities in implementing and enforcing these policies. A toolkit presenting this research will be released in fall 2018. More>>

Natural Gas Utilities And RNG -- State Of Play
The BioCycle REFOR18 Conference Wednesday, October 17 agenda includes this session organized by the American Biogas Council: Natural Gas Utilities And RNG -- State Of Play Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Quality Specifications Karen Crippen, Gas Technology Institute Utility RNG Program, State RNG Interconnect Guide McKenzie Schwartz, National Grid Requirements To Connect RNG To Natural Gas Distribution Systems David Nestor, Piedmont Natural Gas More>>

Welcome New Member: CleanBay Renewables
CleanBay Renewables is a renewable natural gas (RNG), power and nutrient recovery company focused on the development, and long term operation of RNG, electricity and nutrient recovery plants in the U.S. We are an early leader in establishing projects that combine anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery technologies with a focus on poultry litter. More>>

Detroit Dirt Turns Detroit Zoo Digestate into Compost.
Detroit Dirt also takes solid, organic waste from the Detroit Zoo, a product derived from food and herbivore manure that's already begun breaking down after going through a biodigester to produce methane gas and bio fertilizer for the zoo. Typically, the waste that comes from the zoo every other week is ready to go in someone's garden after another 30-40 days of decomposing on Detroit Dirt's property, Murray said. More>>

Why Anaerobic Digestion Is Becoming the Next Big Renewable Energy Source
"Anaerobic digestion is fascinating because it's a relatively easy, natural way of turning a broad variety of complex waste into a simple fuel gas," says David Babson, a technology manager at the U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office. "Closing waste loops and recovering energy from waste presents a profound opportunity to simultaneously improve waste management and address climate change." More>>

Biogas Producer Sees RNG Gold in Kansas, Proposes $100M Complex
A Michigan-based biogas producer with European ties thinks there is gold in the agricultural waste of Kansas, where it is proposing to build a $100 million production complex in the heart of the Heartland to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). More>>

How would the widespread adoption of lagoon digesters change the impact from hurricanes?
With all the rain on the east coast recently, this is a good time to recall the main benefits of covering manure lagoons: produce more biogas, prevent GHG emissions, kill odor, keep the rain out. Here's an example of a project the American Biogas Council awarded in 2016 for setting an excellent example for how farms with manure lagoons can upgrade their facility to generate more revenue and make their operation more resilient and environmentally friendly. More>>

California Commits To 100 Percent Clean Energy By 2045
The bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown makes California the second U.S. state to make such a bold pledge. Hawaii made the same pledge in 2015 More>>

Changes to Clean Energy Board of Directors
Clean Energy Fuel Corp today announced that it has added two senior executives from Total S.A. to its Board of Directors. Total, one of the largest energy companies in the world, purchased a 25% stake in Clean Energy through Total Marketing in June of this year. [Clean Energy is an ABC member] More>>

Florence Flooding Hits North Carolina Hog Farms Hard
More than 5,000 animals have died and dozens of waste lagoons have overflowed....Mr. Curliss said farmers moved 20,000 hogs to higher ground, which prevented a higher death toll. "From our point of view, there's a lot of heroics," he said, adding that media reports of damage to several of the state's 3,300 active hog-waste lagoons was exaggerated. More>>

Time is Running Out: The U.S. Landfill Capacity Crisis
The first, the growing crisis in the US recycling industry precipitated by the closure of China's market to materials recovered from other parts of the world, has been reported extensively. What is not receiving as much attention is the looming shortage of landfill capacity in the United States. Based on data collected by Waste Business Journal, over the next five years, total landfill capacity in the U.S. is forecast to decrease by more than 15%. This means that by 2021 only 15 years of landfill capacity will remain. However, in some regions it could be only half that. More>>

Biogas plant beefs up dairy farm's green credentials
A new biogas upgrading plant is expected to significantly reduce methane emissions from a dairy facility in the US. Wartsila's Puregas Solutions has signed a contract to supply a turnkey biogas upgrading plant to an Oregon site, with plans to upgrade an existing anaerobic digester (AD) to produce biomethane. More>>

Plants growing at Ohio medical marijuana company, first crop expected in February
Since Ohio weather isn't as mild as places such as California or Mexico, the farm is all indoors. It is not using greenhouses, either, and must rely on lights to initiate photosynthesis. It uses a unique form of energy - generated from food, oils and even sewer sludge - from a nearby biogas plant built and run by ABC member quasar energy group. More>>

Study Shows Long-Term Viability of RNG in California
The University of California-Riverside's Center for Renewable Natural Gas (CRNG) issued a glowing report on California's potential for producing RNG through an extensive network of landfills and dairies. "The study shows that RNG from existing resources can play a key role in helping the state achieve its climate and renewable energy goals," said lead author Arun Raju. [Featuring ABC members CR&R and Energy Vision] More>>

Florence Engulfs Hog Farms And Chicken Houses, Thrashing North Carolina Agriculture
Before the hurricane, many were worried about thousands of open-air ponds where farmers store manure from their hogs, allowing the waste to decompose. According to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, as of noon on Sept. 18, the walls on four of these "lagoons" had failed, allowing manure to escape. More>>

Pennsylvania announces $5M for dairy farmers
The funding was made available under the Pennsylvania Dairy Investment Program, which helps farmers to modernize or expand their operations. Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding said the grants will help dairy producers diversify their businesses and strengthen operations to keep up with the increasingly competitive market. More>>

Lawmakers struggle to finish farm, spending bills
Farm bill negotiators are in danger of missing their deadline for agreeing on a new measure before the 2014 farm law expires Sept. 30 after failing to reach a deal last week. Meanwhile, House and Senate appropriators are struggling to wrap up negotiations on some key policy disputes in order to get a package of appropriations bills important to agriculture on President Donald Trump's desk by Oct. 1, the start of the 2019 fiscal year. Complicating lawmakers' plans: The House is not in session this week, and the Senate will be out on Wednesday for Yom Kippur. More>>

Welcome New Member: Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS)
Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS) develops Biogest anaerobic digesters and is a distributor of Capstone micro-turbines. GESS' team has been in the energy industry since 1997 with over 350 implemented projects worldwide including distributed generation, demand side efficiency, and alternative fleet fueling solutions. More>>

SoCalGas to Offer Renewable Natural Gas at its Fueling Stations for the First Time
Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today announced it will soon begin using renewable natural gas for the first time at the 25 utility-owned natural gas vehicle fueling stations across its service territory, as well as at six fueling stations in the San Diego area. Last month, the utility received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for a pilot program to purchase the renewable fuel and capture the additional environmental credits generated. Today, it published a Request for Offer (RFO), and expects to complete gas purchase agreements in the near future. More>>

BIOCYCLE REFOR18 Conference Updates: Join us for ABC's Official Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, October 15-18, 2018
Raleigh fared much better than initially expected from Tropical Storm Florence, according to news reports. The Conference hotel, Raleigh Marriott Crabtree, is ready to host the 18th Annual BioCycle Conference on Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling. Please note the hotel room block will be released on Monday, September 24, so book your room at the special Conference rate of $149/night today. Use the hotel link on the conference website or call (919) 781-7000 BIOCYCLE REFOR18 is organized by the Editors of BioCycle magazine. And is also the Official Conference of the American Biogas Council. This is the only national biogas conference for the biogas industry, featuring hands-on information and tools on advancing production of renewable power, fuel and soil amendments, food waste management. Make valuable connections and take advantage of many networking opportunities to maximize your success in biogas, anaerobic digestion, and composting. Register now while space is still available. Contact ABC for special Member Discount on Conference registration. More>>

Can Sanitation go green?
Compared to ordinary diesel, biomethane, when produced from food waste or cow manure, can cut greenhouse gas emissions from 125% to 300%. That's because it diverts waste that would otherwise give off methane -- a potent greenhouse gas -- as it decomposes. [Featuring ABC members Energy Vision and Waste Management] More>>

Xebec's Biogas Upgrading System Selected for Toronto RNG Project
In July, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc (Enbridge) announced a joint project with the City of Toronto to construct the City's first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility, located at the Dufferin Solid Waste Management site. Further to that announcement, ABC member Xebec is pleased to add that we will be the supplier for the turn-key biogas upgrading system that will help turn the City's organic waste into clean energy. More>>

What's going down in west central Wisconsin's dairy industry
Finding a definitive solution or even a definitive reason for the depressed milk market might mean wading through a big pile of manure. In the mix is a confusing and volatile milk pricing system, tight farming budgets, newly imposed tariffs, contradictory farming regulations and a weary outlook on dairy farming's future. The life of a price-taker. "Farmers are in a unique spot, in that they get what's left over. I don't think people understand that," Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery CEO Paul Bauer said. More>>

Wartsila/Puregas Solutions' biogas upgrading plant from will significantly reduce methane emissions from US dairy facility
Puregas Solutions, a part of the technology group Wartsila, has been contracted to supply a turnkey biogas upgrading in Oregon. The Puregas solution will process 3100 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of biogas from the anaerobic digestion of manure from more than 50,000 dairy cows. More>>

Trump says Democrats stalling farm bill, work requirement a must
"Senator Debbie Stabenow and the Democrats are totally against approving the Farm Bill. They are fighting tooth and nail to not allow our Great Farmers to get what they so richly deserve. Work requirements are imperative and the Dems are a NO. Not good!" Trump wrote on Twitter. [BUT] The U.S. Senate in June passed a sweeping bipartisan farm bill [with Sen Stabenow co-leading that effort]. More>>

Reminder: Sunday is the last day to apply for Biogas Project of the Year!
The American Biogas Council's annual awards are coming up next month. Nominate a project, product, technology, or special individual to win an award at ABC's Biogas Industry Awards Dinner at BIOCYCLE REFOR17. More>>

Hog Farmers in Florence's Path Working Overtime to Prepare
With Hurricane Florence headed toward North Carolina and the largest concentration of hog farms in the nation, hundreds of farmers are hastily trying to stave off disaster by stockpiling feed, draining waste lagoons and moving animals to higher ground....He estimated that today, lagoons at farms across the state can handle 25 inches of rain. Up to 40 inches of rain could fall in some areas of the state, according to the National Hurricane Center. More>>

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