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Accounting Firm Anaerobic Digester: System Designer / Project Developer / Manager / Installer / Construction / EPC / Operator / Maintenance Equipment Suppliers / Sales / Manufacturers (engines, fuel cells, mixers, grinders, gas upgrading, supply chain, etc.)
Engineering / Technology Development Farm Wastewater Treatment Facility
Waste Management Company (e.g. waste collector, landfill operator, etc.) Research / Analysis Legal / Insurance / Lobbying / Investment & Finance
Environmental Commodity Management (e.g. carbon credit trader) Utility Consultant
Training / Educational Resource Development / University / Academic Institution Non-Profit Organization Municipality
Public Relations / Marketing Natural Gas Distributor Government Agency: State, Federal, County / Local
Media Event Organization / Planning Other
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Farms / Agriculture Wastewater (Municipal or Manufacturing) Urban waste: landfills
Urban waste: restaurants/groceries Urban waste: yard clippings Manufacturing waste: food processing
Manufacturing waste: biofuels Other  
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Industry, International and Renewable Energy Organizations
$11,900 ($40.0 Million+ in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
$9,300 ($10-$40 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
$5,300 ($2.5-$10 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
$2,700 ($1-$2.5 Million in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
$1,900 (0-$1 Milllion in North American Biogas-Related Revenue)
$800 (Distributor/Dealer - not eligible to vote)

I confirm that my organization distributes and/or vends products supplied by a current ABC member, listed here:
$550 (Farmers and Sole Proprietors with North American Biogas-related Revenue < $500k)
Support Industry
$1,900 (Media, Law Firms, Financiers, Engineering, and Accounting Firms)
Public, Academic and Not-for-Profit Organizations (Dues in this category will not be used for lobbying.)
$750 (Not-for-Profits, Academic Institutions)
$550 (Public Entities, Federal/State/Local Government Agencies, Municipalities, etc.)
$400 (Other Individuals in Not-for-Profit Sector)
$75 (Students: non-voting)
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